Delivery Schedule

11:30am: B104 (1450), B107 (1151), B115 (3420)

12:00pm: B101, B105 (1050), B108 (1020), B113 (W)

Desktop Ordering FAQ

How do I know what I am ordering is still available?
Your confirmation email will let you know we are good to go, or will offer alternative options. 

Selections are on a first come, first serve basis

What if I place an order after 11:00am?
Orders will be fulfilled, but the delivery location will be B108 Lobby.  This will be stated in your confirmation email

How will I know my order has been received?
You will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes, please send an email to or call 408-373-1247

How late in the day can I place an order?
Orders will be accepted until 12:00pm

How often will we see new offerings?
Offerings will change daily, menus are updated on the Intuitive Dining site

What method of payment is accepted?
FreedomPay is only accepted at this time.  You will look for the number: xxxx xxxx xxxx

under the barcode on the back of your card

If I am in need of a FreedomPay card, where can I get one?
FreedomPay cards are available at any Café or the Badging Office in B108

What if I go to the Lobby and my lunch is not there or it is the wrong items?
Please call Megan Croom at 408-373-1247

Am I able to order more than one meal on a single order form?
At this time, we request that you place each box lunch order separately

Can I change my order once I have placed it and received a confirmation email?

Changes will be available up until 11:00am depending on selections left in inventory​

If you are having issues submitting an order using Chrome, please use Internet Explorer

(V) Vegetarian Friendly  (VE) Vegan Friendly

(AV) Alcohol/Vinegar  (D) Dairy  (E) Eggs  (G) Gluten  (N) Nuts  (SH) Shell Fish

Please return your lunch containers and utensils to the blue bins in your building

Box Lunch Includes:

  • Salad or Sandwich or Wrap
  • Dessert
  • Fruit/Vegetable Side
  • Starch Side
  • Utensil Packet w/ napkin
  • Beverage


When linking your FreedomPay card to your BANK ACCOUNT there is no monthly service fee!
to make any changes to your account, please log into or call 888-495-0222

February 22 - February 26

Please return your lunch containers and utensils to the blue bins in your building



11:00 AM DAILY

$5.00 per meal

(no delivery fee)


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mozzarella and Roast Beef Sandwich
Roast Beef, Mozzarella Cheese (D), Sliced Tomatoes, Sliced Red Onions, Butter Lettuce, and Horseradish Mayonnaise (AV, E) on Sliced 9 Grain Bread (D, G)
(V) Egg Salad Sandwich
Traditional Egg Salad (AV, E), Shredded Iceberg Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes on Sliced White Bread (D, G) (Contains Honey)
Sweet and Spicy Asian Chicken Wrap
Cosmo Marinated Grilled Cubed Chicken (AV), Shredded Napa and Red Cabbage, Shredded Romaine Lettuce, Shredded Carrots, Cilantro Leaves, Chopped Green Onions, Water Chestnuts, Rice Noodles, and Sweet and Spicy Chili Hoisin Sauce (AV, G) in a Spinach Tortilla (G)
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Italian Marinated Grilled Chicken (AV), Parmesan Cheese (D), Romaine Hearts, and Garlic Herb Croutons (G) with Traditional Caesar Dressing (AV, D, E, G) (Contains Fish)

(VE) Tajin Fruit Crudité Cup    
Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango, Cucumbers, Jicama, Lime Wedges, Chili-Lime Salt 
(V) Potato Salad 
Potatoes, Sour Cream (D), Mayonnaise (AV, E), Relish (AV), Salt, Onions, Peppers, Vinegar (AV), Parsley, Pepper
(V) Dessert Bar
Assorted Flavors (AV, D, E, G, N)

Friday, February 26, 2021

Lemon, Almond, and Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Herb Marinated Grilled and Shredded Chicken Breast (AV), Almonds (N), Lemon Zest, Lemon Juice, Roasted Garlic Aioli (AV, E), Chopped Green Onions, Shredded Romaine Lettuce, and Swiss Cheese (D) on a Croissant (D, G)
(VE) Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Hummus Sandwich
Grilled Red Bell Peppers, Roasted Eggplant, Grilled Zucchini, Grilled Yellow Squash, Grilled Onions, Vegan "Cheese", Sundried Tomato Hummus, and Italian Vegannaise (AV) on a Ciabatta Roll (G)
Teriyaki Beef Wrap
Teriyaki Beef (AV, G), Sweet Potato Noodles, Grilled Zucchini, Pickled Cabbage (AV), Carrots, Scallions, and Ginger Miso Dressing (AV, E) in a Flour Tortilla (G)
Cosmo Bacon Spinach Salad
Baby Spinach, Crispy Bacon, Crumbled Hardboiled Eggs (E), Grilled Balsamic Onions (AV), Dried Cranberries, and Bleu Cheese (D) with Balsamic Vinaigrette (AV) and Roasted Garlic Crostini (G)

(VE) Crudité Cup with Hummus     
Carrots, Celery, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Jicama, Tomatoes, Snow Peas, Hummus: Chickpeas, Sesame Tahini, Lemon Juice, Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, Seasoning, Garlic
(V) Street Corn
Corn, Grape Tomatoes, Cotija (D), Red Onions, Jalapenos, Cilantro, Mayonnaise (AV, E), Lime Juice, Smoked Paprika, Salt, Pepper
(V) Cookie  

Assorted Flavors (AV, D, E, G, N)